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  • *You can view posters and brochures using 3D glasses for the 3D effects*
  • Campaign visual set for “Anticipating Coronary Heart Disease Among College Student” named Heart Your Heart campaign. This is the final project in last semester on college. The campaign has a purpose to convey the message to college students how dangerous and how capable this disease can strike in their social circle. Using 4 steps of marketing strategy such as awareness, knowledge, attitude and behaviour, approaching them with sympathetic kind of communication and a little satirical humor.
    Applying bold and geometrical visual style with muted tone related to the visual trend and the disease itself. Executed using photography as a media in order to show the target how close and how real they are in this situation. Along with the existing visual trend, this project created an innovation on its visual approach by using stereoscopic 3D effect on poster, brochure and other media application.
    So this was an sort of interactive campaign, where people can see the message with interest.

    Case: College Project