• About //
    After four years of collaborative work we decided to apply for MA and were confronted with a difficult task to make a portfolio. At first we made two separate portfolios (which are not showcased here) and devided the projects since we had to apply separately. But it didn't feel right because all the projects were collaborative. 
    We started questioning our collaboration, the specific roles that each of us has and the contribution to the work each of us gives. We realized that Sofija is the BRAIN of our collaboration meaning that she is very quick at suggesting ideas while Teodora is the HEART because she is determined to make every project significant. So we decided to make a completely new portfolio devided into two parts representing each of us. 
  • HEART part //
  • Teodora's About me //
  • Some pages from Teodora's HEART side of portfolio //
  • BRAIN part //
  • Sofija's About me //
  • Some pages from Sofija's BRAIN side of portfolio // notice that design differs in each part //
  • A3 poster that we put inside the portfolio //
  • Facts //
    5 types of paper (90-300g/m2) + 3mm cardboard separating the two parts
    2 screws
    3 fonts
    1 poster
    132 pages