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  • The cover is printed with Pantone 072 U and has a pearly stamping on top. This is the second edition, in which we changed besides the kind of stamping as well some graphic details on the cover.
  • In the second edition we used a salmon colored paper for the flyleafs. On this picture you see as well the "swiss binding".
  • The book was bound with a red yarn.
  • There are many diagrams and tables in the book that came in more than 30 different colors and styles. The hardest part of doing that book was to reduce the variety of colors to only one color, Pantone 072 U, and unify all the different styles, without losing any of the information that had to visualized.
  • The backcover has a flap that can be fold out. On the flap you will find the table of content, which makes it possible to read the book and have the table of content visible at all times. The page that is open on that image offers "quick links" to the four most important sections.

  • HDL in studio
    This book explores the HDL Studio Model, a unique way of bringing together the right people, a carefully framed problem, a supportive place, and an open-ended process to craft an integrated vision and sketch the pathway towards strategic improvement. It's particularly geared towards problems that have no single owner.

    It includes an introduction to Strategic Design, a "how-to" manual for organizing Studios, and three practical examples of what an HDL Studio looks like in action. Geoff Mulgan, CEO of NESTA, has written the foreword and Mikko Kosonen, President of Sitra, contributed the afterword.

    You can DOWNLOAD it for free or PURCHASE a copy of the book while they last.

    This is the second edition. The first edition is sold out.

    Client: Sitra
    Year: 2012

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