• The website is refined and straightforward, reflective of the founder, George Hansen, the audience of C-suite clientele and the discreet nature of financial and strategic consulting.  A distinctive logo mark and diamond (argyle) patterned background suggests an appropriate level of sophistication and respectability. The challenge was to convey confidence in the tone of content and substance in the graphic representation without appearing pretentious or unapproachable. Initials of the company founder, displayed in the logo mark are treated much like a monogram, indicating his very personal, direct and intimate level of involvement with clients. 
  • HCI Management, headquartered in Kansas City, specializes in working closely with businesses to identify growth impediments and provide strategic leadership and/or capital infusion, if necessary. The company serves CEO’s, corporate boards and management in a variety of industry segments. The HCI logo mark combines classic layout with modern letterforms to express both expertise and fresh thinking. The monogram-like representation of the founder’s initials is indicative of his very personal, direct and intimate involvement with clients. The mark is simple, complementing other design elements well, yet strong on its own. Black, silver and white are used throughout the design adding to a sense of strength and confidence.
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