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  • First of several character designs for HAWKEN: Melee
  • Very excited about this project and issue. This is my first single issue as both writer, character designer and artists. So please feel free to post a comment and let me know what you think on the following as well as when the issue hits in 2014.
    Props to Michael Spicer on color - kill'n it! - and #STAYtuned! for color updates and more soon.
    And last but not least, many thanks to Mike Kennedy, (Archaia/Boom! and now at www.magnetic-press.com & 
    www.sequentialink.com) for all of the assistance, editing and advice along the way. Amazing collaborator and mentor thoughtout it all.
    Screen Shots & teasers posted below - You can follow my #SKETCHofTHEday online updates and posts for this project and more on twitter at @nathanfoxy
    All the best, many thanks for stopping by, following and postings. More to come and excited to be part of it all and taking a shot at 'artist and author'. ~ STAY TUNED!
  • Rough pencils, page1...
  • Inks, p1...