• The original form of the face of Christ has become the debate from time to time until now. Shroud of Turin (believed to be a shroud covering the body of Jesus after the crucifixion), has described the image of Jesus as we now know with longish hair and a bearded face.
    I no longer question the origins and forms a way of Jesus as something sacred. Is it true that Jesus' face was bearded and long haired, or black and frizzy hair, or maybe even bald, clean-shaven and slanted eyes.
    For me, it would be much more elegant if I learn to believe in my religion personally and learn to live in harmony with others rather than question the 'little things' that could be fatal for the content of my faith and relationship with audiences.
    And when each individual can look at religion as a 'humanist and liquid' form, I believe the tensions and friction that cause wars and discrimination because of religion will not happen again in future lives.
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