"HANDISH - 26 HANDMADE LETTERS" portraits the Do It Yourself movement of today. Every handmade letter from A-Z describes and illustrates one term out of the DIY pool and informs the beholder about the current situation or upcoming trends in a nice and uncomplicated way.

    The predominant communication medium is the poster, which provides a lot of creative space to work with. Furthermore there are a few three-dimensional objects included in this work.  The posters and (3D) objects form the visual part of HANDISH and interact with the texts by interpreting and illustrating them. The materials used for each letter were supposed to vary and match its respective content.

    The newspaper combines text and images and displays all the letters in an attractive way.

    HANDISH entered  in the TDC Communication Design Competition and was selected by the judges to receive the “Certificate of Typographic Excellence”.