• Hand-Lettering
    Here's a few hand-lettering projects...

  • VITAL CONVERSATIONS - DT Health and Wellness Magazine - Art Director, Louise Bolin

    This was a fun project were I got to draw "The Birds and the Bees" talk in a full spread. It's always nice to be able to combine type with illustrations, thanks Louise!
  • INDIGO GIRLS SPREAD - Atlanta Magazine - Art Director, Sheri Wilson
  • MAPS - type & illustrations - 7x7 Magazine - Art Director, Benjamin Hardiman

    These are two of five illustrative maps that myself and Jamie Lawson worked on. The rest are on my site, www.jacquioakley.com
  • THE EXPERIENCE - ESPN Magazine - Art Director, Henry Lee
  • SAY HELLO & SAY GOODBYE - Westchester Magazine - Aiko Masazumi

  • EXPLORECHICAGO.ORG - Time Out Chicago & The City of Chicago - Art Director, Mike Novak
    illustrated by myself and Jamie Lawson