HALO 4: Forward Unto Dawn - Opener

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  • For this project we collaborated with 343 Industries to create five openers for the “Forward Unto Dawn” web series promoting the release of “Halo 4″. All titles combined result in a seamless narrative, closing the gap between the end of HALO 3 and the beginning of HALO 4. This is a montage of the five pieces with Music & Sounddesign by Michael Fakesch.

    Length: 1'50"
    Client:343 Industries

    Animated Opening Sequence
    Production company:Blacklist
    Executive Producer:Adina Sales
    Producer:Alexander Unick
    Direction/Art Direction/Animation:Polynoid
    Music/Sounddesign:Michael Fakesch
    Artists:Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Bashir Hamid, Marco Kowalik, Csaba Letay, Sebastian Mayer, Fabian Pross, Egbert Reichel, Heiko Schneck, Carl Schroeter, Tom Weber

    Live Action Series
    Director:Stewart Hendler
    Live Action Production Company:Laskey Productions, Inc.
    Visual Effects Producer:Visual Effects Producer: Dave Moulder
    Associate Producer:Jamieson Fry