The concept of the headphones to speakers switchbox
  • The device in work
  • HABO — is an inexpensive switchbox desktop device. On the one side you connect it to the audio output of the computer, and connect speakers, headphones, or a headset to the other side.

    The main features: a large three-way rocker-button: limit positions switch sound between output devices, and neutral position turn it off.
  • Look better in HD-quality
  •  Basic concept process
  • The first functional prototype
  • One of the styling sketch
  • The icons
  • Front view
  • Top view
  • Final form visualization
  • The styling prototype
  • Another concepts process: First stage

  • Sketches of the first stage
  • Prototypes of the first stage
  • Another concepts process: Second stage
  • Sketches of the second stage
  • Prototypes of the second stage
  • Idea, art direction and project-management : Anton Guglya.
    Designer: Nick Komarov.
    Electrical engineer: Vladimir Mashin.
    Icon designer: Sergey Kalabin.
    Modelling, visualization and motion: Anton Altunian.
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