Gusto Gusto!

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  • Our new embroidery is Gusto Gusto! (pronounced goo'sto gus'to!) and it's a play on the Filipino gusto (want) and the English gusto (enthusiasm, zest, energy).

    "I want energy" sounds a little lame, but Gusto Gusto! has the right motivational tone don't you think? This was a little phrase I had written down in my notebook a while ago and is another motivational typographic piece along the lines of "You Gotta Keep Cheering". Sometimes you need a little helpful reminder to keep going, don't give up, be persistent. We'll create a series of these type pieces which we call "Say SO'S".

    Gusto Gusto! is available from ourĀ Big Cartel store
    Hand embroidered artwork, cotton thread on homespun cotton fabric.
    Mounted area 203mm x 203mm
    Sewn area approx 110mm x 90mm