• I've heard it said that you should treat your resume as a person. You need to think about how you might introduce yourself in person, and translate that feeling to your resume. With this in mind, I wanted my resume to show who I was; to introduce me, without physically being present.
    My name is Scott McFadden, and this is my resume. 
  • "I believe in the power of design. I believe that design is more than proficiency in navigating Adobe’s Creative Suite. Design is an obsession with creative excellence. Design inspires, empowers, questions, challenges, and provokes. Design is more than aesthetics. It is the beauty to the brains. It is the melody behind the lyrics. It is the soul behind the song. 
    Design puts the solution in your hands.
    It invites you to pick it up and play along."
  • Photo Credit ©Dan Lee 2013