• Guggenheim
    Transformation design for all Guggenheim museums. 
  • The Guggenheim is a worldwide entity. It's organization is composed not only of museums, but they carry an educational mission and promote a lot more than abstract art. 

    During this Transformation Design project for the Visual Communications 02 class in the Graduate Communications Design program at Pratt Institute, I developed and re-organized what the Guggenheim is all about. With a focus on promoting the location, culture and civilization of each specific city and country within their ample worldwide breadth. 

    A custom typeface was developed. The formal characteristics speak to the Guggenheim's never-ending quest to preserving and promoting the very best of abstract art and the specific cultures within the artwork and artists. The typologo talks about an organization that is never fully finished and complete, but that has an eternal commitment to the enduring importance and historical value of art within modern society. 

    The “degree” symbol reflects the physical geographic location of the different Guggenheim branches, as well as speaking it's levels of reach: art, culture and education.

    Thus, a campaign was developed in two stages. The first “coordinate” part intends to instill curiosity within the audience. Providing minimal information and asks the viewer to play part and discover what it is all about.

    Stage 02, directly focuses on the Guggenheim as the fundamental non-objective art museums but even more as a desired “DestiNation.” Each Guggenheim carries it's own specific wonders inside and outside its walls. 

  • process :