• This view is from the Pacaya Volcano, as high as they let you go up, about 400m from the crater, on the far right side you can see the ancient crater, which over the years has moved along this volcanic complex. It's located a few kilometers south of Guatemala city in the department of Escuintla.
    Last big eruption, 2010.
  • This vista from Cerro de la Cruz is one of the best known ones to view Antigua Guatemala, a colonial period capital that escaped modernization by luck. The city was abandoned in 1773 after a huge earthquake struck the spaniards believed that the proximity to volcanoes was the problem.
  • Atitlán under the milky way, it has been a while since I wanted to do a nice photograph of Atitlán. Guatemala is one of the best landscape countries in the world. It's also very hard do do my country justice in photographs. This series will one day be printed in full 2m wide prints. 
  • I believe that landscapes should tell a story. The volcano is called "Agua", meaning water in spanish, on it's slopes lies Ciudad Vieja or Old City, where a few hundred years ago a lagoon on top of the volcano leaked and destroyed the town. Therefore the volcanoes name. 
    As for the Trash, most landscapes in Guatemala will be covered by it, it happenes less nowadays. 
  • My favorite trio of volcanoes, Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. During a fuego eruption the skies where clear and only the smoke and ash of Fuego filled the starfull night. 
  • Cerro Cahuí or Crocodile Hill, can only be viewed on the east side of Lake Petén Itza. On this picture rain came and the clouds set the mood for this usually pleseant lake. 
  • Yaxha used to be a military training site, more or less like Angkor Wat was a refuge for the Kmer Rouge. This mayan site is close to two lakes. 
    On this image you can see the light going into the modern mayan altar.