•  “Guardian Angel” by “StreetArt” Agency
    “StreetArt” Agency (resident of S.G.T.R.K. Media Lab) has finished production of a new video “Guardian Angel” that is a part of series entitled “Ads anthropology”. These series are focused on research and expression of symbolical image of a man in social and commercial advertisement. Its production is supported by GIBDD (State Road Traffic Safety Inspection) of the city of Ekaterinburg.
    The new story features the new hero – angel-guardian that follows anyone of us for all our life. In this video it appears as a figure of a man drawn on a dirty car. People don’t usually think about whom they owe their safety, and they take his unseen care for granted. Such a common easy-rider state sooner or later meets the moment when the angel cannot keep his duties. But one must keep believing in him, because we have a common destiny.
    On behalf of the road traffic safety legal body the video puts its main objective to convey an idea that one must be more careful and remember that easy-rider can hurt not only himself, but those around him – in both literal and figural senses.
    Interesting detail – the whole video, from the first to the last shot, was produced digitally by “StreetArt” team capacities.
    “StreetArt” team are:
    Project manager – Dmitry Chabanov
    Creative director – Eugene Fateyev
    Copyrighter – Alexander Ragozin
    Art-director – Andrey Kolokolov
    Director – Michael Kolokolov
    Director of photography – Maks “3D”
    Animation and post-production – Michael Kolokolov
    Animation of the “dust man” – Andrey Kolokolov, Michael Kolokolov, Svetlana Tapayeva
    Composer and sound director – Eduard Malov
    Voice-over – Anton Bashkov