• Gthin Photo Art is the collection of my Photographs.
    Featured are the Branding, Identity, Photography works for Gthin Photo Art.
    Since I started my photography works in the winter of 2009, I felt the need of a strong branding for my photography collection with a unique logo and logo type. An actual Lotus with bright glowing purple color ,which is taken from one of the photographs in the collection, is chosen as the logo
    and the logo type is a hand written font giving an artistic touch.
  • The Photography
  • Featured below are some photographs from the collection.
    You can browse the entire collection on Gthin Photo Art Facebook Fan Page

  • Promotional Designs
  • Flyer Designs
  • 1 year after its launch, I started working on projects inspired from Gthin Photo Art
    which are 'Derivations' from Gthin Photo Art
  • PhotoMail
  • PhotoMail is the first of Derivation.
    Logo design for PhotoMail with the same logo type as original Gthin Photo Art.
    PhotoMail is an Email-Newsletter
    featuring some hand picked photographs from the collection.
  • PhotoCard
  • PhotoCard is printed post cards
    featuring some of the most beautiful photographs from Gthin Photo Art.
    Promotional Poster for PhotoCard
    Here are some sample PhotoCards.