• Grünerløkka City -  realized for the magazine DEALER DE LUXE
  • This serie was born through several encounters with members of various Rockabilly subculture groups in the city of Oslo, Norway.  From speaking to these individuals, I became fascinated with their way of living, their looks and their way of being. A world where the clock stopped in 1950.

    A world from the past. So vintage; its clothes, its deco, its atmosphere and own social references derived from rock music and different subgenres.
    I continue to meet people from these groups, and I project myself into this world, parallel to ours. Like a desire to relive the past. I decided to follow them, to take photos of them, document them and tell their story.  The only thing I required from them, was to turn up to the shoot exactly the way they wanted to. We are almost in a documentary. The people are real. The places exist as well. Nothing is artificial or constructed. I capture the reality as it is.
    Then I create my own atmosphere, my vision, by using my light and my frames.
    Somehow they become actors where the main role is their own lives.