• Grow Cycle

    This senior thesis project explores the relationship between humans and plants.

    Urine is used as a nutrient in this hydroponic gardening system for urban homes. While the gardener breathes in the oxygen and consumes the vitamins from the plants, the plants take in CO2 and nitrogen from the gardener's urine. Both the plant and the gardener are fed by one another creating a symbiotic relationship.
  • A simple mixture of water and urine creates an rich fertilizer.
  • In hydroponics plants grow from a substance called rock wool instead of soil.
  • Early experiments in growing plants in urine based solutions.
  • Experiments in growing multiple plants in a urine based hydroponic system.
  • Preliminary prototypes used a system of integrating the users urine into the garden.
  • Secondary prototypes use a small ceramic container for collecting and transporting urine.
  • The final design was driven by materials such as wood, aluminum, and HDPE.
  • User collects and transports urine usine a ceramic vessel with a pin valve.