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College students get creative for a new PC and some serious tuition money.
Toshiba was looking for a fun way to promote their Satellite laptop, which comes equipped with an Intel Core i3 processor. They turned to tenfour to come up with something entertaining and engaging. We were initially targeting college students—in a dire economic climate with mounting student loans—with a way to return to a school with the tools and financial backing they needed. Playing up college humor with a blunt tone and humorous self-deprecation lent itself to be creative and potentially something viral.
The promotion was titled Grovel4Gear and asked the contestants to tell us how bad they have it and why they deserve a new Toshiba laptop and $10,000. The promotion was primarily a Facebook contest, which was also backed by spreading the word on Twitter. Contestants could do a number of different things to win a prize. They could enter a daily drawing for a free Toshiba laptop, and they could upload a video of themselves begging for a laptop. By uploading a video, contestants were not only in the running for a new laptop, but they also had a chance to win $10,000.
We carefully baked in social hooks into each stage and component of the campaign to make it easy for players to share and engage their friends and family. Whether it was auto-posting to Facebook walls or incentivizing people to lobby for votes on their submissions, each action had natural social syndication elements.
Grovel4Gear saw great adoption particularly across mobile properties which accounted for over 58% total traffic. Through diligent measurement, we found that perspective customers spent over 1.2 million minutes with the brands (Toshiba / Intel / Staples). Additionally, over 25% of that time was created organically through sharing mechanisms. For every social share, 6  people returned to experience the campaign.
Creative/Strategy Director: Daniel T Wood
Art Direction: Paul Anders
Motion Graphics: Paul Anders 
Post Production: Paul Anders
Design: Sam Vogt, Jason Harris, Kim Ponto
Producer/Casting: Mimi Danh
Audio Technician: Jason Harris
Photography: Jason Harris
Audio Sweetening: Digital One
Technical Director: Milind Pandit
Front-end Development: Eric Curtis
Copywriting: Simon Goetz
Account Director: Kelly Rose