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Group university project in response to ROSES brief 'Sprout Clout'.
ROSES Sprout Clout brief.

A group of peers and I created a brand and products to promote Brussel sprouts.

We chose the name 'gro' for our product because it's Swedish for sprout and we wanted to emulate the Swedish simplicity design ethic in our project. We created a product called the 'Gro Bag' in which we put a range of different products that aim to try and get families into eating Brussel Sprouts.  As well as developing the concept and other aspects of the project, I took the designs for the sprout characters (which were created to make the product more appealing to children) and put them onto a top trump style card game, I also made business cards.
Final card game:
Initial design of card game:
Business cards:
Other work that was done collaboratively and by others in my group: