"Greš in ješ" - a cookbook for picnics

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  • "Greš in ješ" - cookbook for picnics   ("Greš in ješ" means in Slovene "You go and you eat")
    This was a faculty project in which we had to design a cookbook. My group decided to design a cookbook for picnics for every season of the year. We made a collection of 4 book, each for every season and every book has 4 picnic recipes. We also connected locations of the picnics with the food that you need for a particular picnic. For example: for picnic with grilled fish, you have a suggestion for location in a special place in Slovenia, where you can actually catch the fish. As a cover we used a texture from picnic basket and every book is designed in colours of the particular season. 
  • Cover of the collection: texture of a picnic basket and real leather
  • Inside of the collection; here you can see autumn and summer and behind are also winter and spring
  • Book for spring and winter
  • Inside of the winter book
  • This is how one of the picnic recipes looks like
  • We also added a suggestion for location for every picnic
  • The QR code takes you to the Google Maps for the directions to the particular location
  • I drew the pictograms for the collection
  • The book for spring picnics
  • The backside of the collection