• This project was conceived in response to a college assignment on shopping transportation. Its goal was to minimize the weight carried by the user in a packaging that is more compact than that of a shopping cart, but still provides a comfortable ride on urban terrain. The ergonomics of the grip was also an important aspect in the development of the project.

    The carrier can be used for transporting up to 22 kg (48.5 lbs) in bags of any material, and is made of a chromed steel structure, polyurethane wheels and a rubber-coated polyethylene grip.
  • The handle provides better ergonomics than regular shopping carts.
  • Tilting the carrier backwards allows it to stand still.
  • The wheels are larger than those in more traditional shopping carts, allowing it to better cope with irregular pavement.
  • The handle is height-adjustable, another improvement in ergonomics.