Our film below is nominated for a Webby Award.
    Help us get the people's choice award (vote here:http://is.gd/voteGreenpeace), and at the same time support this important cause.
    These days, the European fish stocks are being depleted at a previously unseen pace. If we do not act now, there's a good chance that our fisheries – big and small – will no longer exist 50 years from now.
    This destructive path can be changed by our European Fisheries Ministers who ultimately set fishing quotas and decide how the massive subsidies (our tax money) is being dealt. Right now the most destructive vessels get almost all of the money.
    We created this short animated narrative for Greenpeace, to help them raise awareness about this overcapacity problem – simply put, there's too many boats to catch to few fish.
    Share this film and support this important cause. Maybe our ministers will do nothing, but then they can't say they didn't know.
    Direction: Daniel Gjøde
    Concept & Storyline: Torsten Breuerbach Larsen & Daniel Gjøde
    Storyboarding: Louise Rosenkrands
    3D modeling & Animation: Matias Hansen
    Compositing: Matias Hansen
    Visual Identity: Louise Rosenkrands 
    Music: Brian Mørk
    SFX: Reda El Kheloufi