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My entry to a current YCN student award brief.
Graze YCN Brief
3rd Year Student Work
This is one of the YCN student briefs for this year. The brief was to rebrand graze. They are an online company that deliver healthy snacks to your home or office, to help you “beat those 3pm cravings”. The idea is that they help you to stay healthy by providing healthy snacks with lots of vitamins that keep your blood sugar level steady, to stop you from craving biscuits and crisps and chocolates. For the rebrand they wanted their logo changed (having to include the ‘.com’ and also ‘Nature Delivered’). They also wanted their boxes redesigned (but sticking to the same dimension, and preferably the same material; a nice brown textured card stock) and then finally they wanted a direct mail piece made to entice new customers.

For a more detailed explanation of my rationale visit the corresponding page on my portfolio website: