Gravis Shoe Box

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    This project involved the rebranding of a shoe box. I wanted to design for a brand that is sleek with hints of art culture. Gravis was the perfect brand that blended together casual sportswear with art.
    I wanted to make the shoe box more unique in the way it opens and be more convenient when shopping in a store. The box has a tab which makes it easier to grab and pull sizes from a stack. Also the box can remain in the stack while shopping for sizes. Since this box opens from the front there is no need to pull it from the shelf.
    The shoe information was placed at a slant to be more legible from a high or low angle. The new shape gave the box a much more dynamic look, especially when placed in a stack. I designed the graphics to match the shoes black sleek aesthetic and minimal design elements
    . This box also comes with an autobottom. It can be folded flat for transportation and convenient storage.