Grassroots Kingdom

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    Grassroots Kingdom: God’s Plan To Change The World is Mdtown Fellowship’s Spring Campaign that fouses on how all throughout history, God has been forming a people for Himself–a people to put His love and glory on display for those around them, which culminated in Jesus instituting the church, God’s grassroots kingdom–a beautiful and unexpected plan for transforming the world.

    Included in this campaign design:
    mark, secondary marks, book cover, sticker, button, bulletin, propaganda posters, mesh banner

    AD: Kent Bateman
    Designer: Marcus Williamson
    Photographer: Landon Thompson
    Below is what our video team filmed for the upcoming campaign. We wanted to both compliment the branding and help convey the messge the church family as community living out the mission of Jesus in our city and beyond. 
    Thanks for watching.