Grassi's West

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  • Grassi's West
    Located in Frontenac at 10450 German Blvd. St. Louis, Missouri 63131
    Grassi's West is an Italian Deli under the new ownership of Frank Dyer.  I assisted his wife and Sr. Designer, Cori Dyer, [Cure Design Group:] with the remodel.  Grassi's is rich in history with its location originally in St. Louis's Italian neighborhood, The Hill.  The restaurant relocated to Frontenac at a time when the area's horse stables created a different atmosphere than the neighborhoods that live there today.  The new design cleaned the place up while bringing to life its history with rustic barn wood walls upon entry, old photographs of the original crew, and worn window panes used as privacy screens that separate space in an artistic manner.  The design also incorporates photographs in support of near-by schools, such as Saint Joseph's Academy and Chaminade College Preparatory School.  It proves up-to-date with current sports as walls host photos of  the Cardinals Stadium, while flat screen televisions are positioned throughout the space.  
    I completed all computer drawings for the project.
  •  The seating area as you first walk into the space from the front entrance.
  • An old gate with decorative "G's" for Grassi's rests above one of the seating areas.
  • Found window panes are used as privacy screens to separate space in an artistic manner.
  •  Revised Floor Plan
  •  Revised Reflected Ceiling Plan
  •  Grassi's New Floor Selections
  •  Plumbing Plan
  •  Elevations