Grass Roots Grants

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    Logo & Brand design for Alpine Initiatives
  • A while back I was approached by none other than JP Auclair to work with Alpine Initiatives on a new project, "Grass Roots Grants". Getting a chance to work with one of the legends of the sport I love, whilst also working with an inspirational organisation whose intentions are noble was a really exciting prospect.
    I created the logo for the new project and continue to work with the guys on a consultancy basis, which is a fantastic experience and it is great to be a part of a project developed over time, especially when it is backed by some really inspiring individuals.
    Here is what Alpine Initiatives have to say about the project;
    "Alpine Initiatives (AI) was founded to support innovative sustainability initiatives worldwide. AI’s strength lies in its ability to encourage snow sports enthusiasts to support local non-profits that are developing sustainable futures for the communities and environments they serve.
    AI is launching the 2013 Grass Roots Grants Program to fund three sustainability projects in North American mountain communities in the amount of $5,000 each."
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