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The brief was to choose any object that you want. draw it, rotate it, reflect it,
duplicate it and do what ever you want to it.

step two was to choose one shape from what you got,
and use it as a logo for your imaginary company.

than, I needed to present a logo, in 3 different kinds of patterns based on the
shapes that you got in a cold / warm and b&w colors,
design a package for your object.

The presentation will be in your store.


I choose to work with a table lamp. I got a cool shape that looks to me like a wig.I decided to open an imaginary company - “Graphicwig”.

Graphic wig is a company that designs graphic wigs for cartoon characters.I designed 2 catalogs one men’s and one women’s, along with a little bag for every wig purchased.
 3 different pattern papers and a package for lamps - creative lamp - a lamp that help you getcreativity when ever you turn it on.

I presented the project as mini store in my class.