Granola — Cinema 4D Picture Viewer Notification

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    Granola is tiny notification plugin for Maxon Cinema 4D that sends an audible alert when Cinema 4D's Picture Viewer is done rendering. If you are an Adobe After Effects® user, you are probably familiar with the alert that is sent when the render queue is done rendering a project. Now, it's available in Cinema 4D through Granola! If you're a Mac user*, you even have the option to receive OS notifications**.
    Granola is availbale at
    *Mac OS X v10.8 or later required for OS notifications. Not available for Windows.
    **For more notification options, check out Hangover Pro.
    Concept & Design: Erwin Santacruz
    UI/UX: Erwin Santacruz
    Programming: Erwin Santacruz