Grandios Gescheitert - Mars Climate Orbiter

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  • Grandios Gescheitert
    Mars Climate Orbiter
    The main goal of the project "Grandios Gescheitert" ("Great Failure") was to make an interesting and unusual systematic order in collected information about one of the stories when human factor failed (the link bellow).

    The chosen topic of my research - Mars Climate Orbiter - could be seen in many newspaper headlines before an accident of a spacecraft but afterwards public lost interest because it took a long time for NASA to publish the incriminated information about the reason of the failure - mistake in measuring units. The newspapers kept on bringing only optimistic statements by NASA and the headlines were full of excuses. There was no information about the failure. I find this very interesting. I let those sentences get smaller just like the decreasing media interest and combined them with a special pagination resembling a countdown to the start of spaceship. Simple red, black and white brochure consists of a glossy cover (poster), plain paper with main text information and a glossy fabulous little brochure with the only picture acquired by Mars Climate Orbiter.
  • One single image of the target planet
    September 7, 1999, 16:30 UTC (9:30 AM), 2,8 million miles from the planet
  • September 23, 1999Mars Climate Orbiter finally got lost when it probably came to close to planet Mars
    during its Mars Orbit Insertion manouver.

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  • The only image acquired by Mars Climate Orbiter  
    (no higher resolution available)
    Led by Viola Zimmermann
    and Hansjakob Fehr
    Bern, 2011