Grand quarter

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  • St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Project: Provence style
    Location: Paradnaya str., Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    Realization: 2012

    Ah! Summer: Sun, sea, the fragrances of herbs and flowers, lush scents of spices, and a warm, hospitable house - this is the South of France, Provence! There is little wonder though why this trend is out of main stream in St. Petersburg, the city with its eternal shortage of sun.
    Nevertheless, Provencal style has a lot going for it, fitting in well, as it does with the other interior design trends now current. Provencal style can be combined with ‘modern’ (a highly functional solution), also it has common features with ‘country’ and ‘vintage’. Moreover, Provencal style, distinguished by comfort and authenticity, is perfect for a modern city with its intense rhythm of life. That is why we have chosen this style for the interiors of an apartment in the elite residential complex ‘Grand quarter’ (‘Paradny kvartal’).