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  • Challenge
    With the Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, the Marnier Lapostolle familyholds one of the world’s bestselling liquor brands in their hands. Besides theflagship product, Grand Marnier also comes in 3 prestigious cuvées – theauthentic Louis Alexandre and the 2 anniversary liquors Cuvée du Centenaire andCuvée du Cent Cinquantenaire – that exists as the premium offering of thebrand. Though profitable, the 3 cuvées only represent a small business.
    In order to establish a stronger food hold in mature internationalmarkets such as Canada and the USA and in emerging markets like Russia andChina, an essay was done to design the range in a way that would upgrade,modernize and sharpen the cuvees by giving each product its own uniquepersonality while preserving the typical family characteristics.
  • Quest for Excellence
    Throughout 5 generations, the Marnier Lapostollefamily has endlessly pursued a quest for excellence. Each member hastransmitted their art of perfection through the upgrading of their finestblends resulting in unique tasting experiences. The Grand Marnier Cuvées arethe pinnacles of their passion.
    Three cuvées, Silver, Gold andPlatinum, strongly linked to the family passion illustrated with a medaillonportraying the founder, family domain and the crest. Secret recipies are beingrevealed in subtle way elegantly printed on the labels/bottle, creating anintimate look. Label shapes and surprising color accents guarantee a high levelof modernity.

  • Unexpected Harmony
    Combining the essence of the most exquisite tropical oranges and theopulence of the rarest and finest cognacs, Grand Marnier presents three refinedinterpretations, revealing  aprogression of smooth and sensual blend for the most delicate palates. Theamber reflects the seduction of an unexpected harmony
    Caractère, Harmonie and Polunce are the names ofthese three celebratory products. Unique recipes in the purest sense.Minimalist, harmonious designs with iconic and unexpected elements (ie blueplaque, orange branding typeface, gold pattern). A surprising taste, withdesigns that combine sensual tension and smoothness.

  • French Touch
    The French are renowned for a certain style and elegance, a reference forthose with discerning taste. Combining finesse with a touch of audacity, asavoir-faire that remains true to its origins but always in harmony with thepresent.
    With different moments in mind, Grand Marnier embodies the expressions oftrue “luxe a la française”, from the most intimate to the most flamboyant. Classic but chic rectangular labelingwith a touch of audacity coming through the use of pattern and an ownablevibrant blue color. Naming – Avant Garde, Années Folles and Belle Epoque -  transport us directly into French “imaginaire”.