• School project made together with Sofia Hydman and Viktor Nyström. 
    The task was to make the new design and communication for Grand Antiques, an antique dealers exhibition
    at Nordiska Museet in Stockholm. 

    Many antique paintings contain a lot of symbolism, such as Vanitas still paintings that raise the fact that the human life is evanescent. In contrast to that the antiques are forever and keep on living while the human
    lives constantly pass. This thought became the foundation for our concept where we've worked with mirrors 
    and reflections to create the graphic design, where we've worked with reflections in mind in the typography,
    and the photo concept where we've also worked with mirrors and reflections to create an everlasting image 
    of the antique object. We made a new symbol, invitation, entrance ticket, coaster with a mirror as a wine 
    ticket, poster, catalogue and a photo concept. The catalogue is divided into three parts - The past, 
    the present and the future. They are designed with inspiration from design in the times they tell about.