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  • Graffitizer
    silk screen portraits
    C++, Adobe Illustrator, Scriptographer, Silk screen and ink
  • These are silk screens portraits generated by a program I wrote called Graffitizer.
    It is based on an idea I wanted to develop by hand, but I ended up writing an algorithm to simulate the process I had in mind, and to do the tedious work for me.

    An image is reconstructed by adapting basic graffiti elements ( arrows, bars, and other shapes ) to color areas.
    This is done with a particle based algorithm, that spawns color sensitive particles that expand over areas based on the hue, luminosity, or distance in RGB space.
    Once these areas are defined, an element from a library of pre drawn 'graffiti' elements is adapted to that area, finally generating a postscript file.

    The output of the program is an eps that is then hatched in Adobe Illustrator using a custom Scriptographer script.
  • The following are a ink jet prints with some later intervention.
  • These are some of the raw postscript files in color. The color is based on a palette selected in the software.