Graduation Thesis

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  • "Tra fiaba e realtà: informarsi con un click" is the title of my graduation thesis presented for the first level degree at Politecnico di Milano.
    The thesis describes and explains motivation, genesis, development and implementation of graphical artifacts created for social communication campaign on the establishment of foster care in the Municipality of Milan. 
    For the campaign, become itself the graduation project, were made paper artifacts - layered posters and pendants - and the concept for new graphical user interface.
    To complete the thesis are illustrated, by means of two in-depth focus, the techniques used and the studies carried out in order to make the most of the artifacts presented.

    Laboratorio di Sintesi Finale (2013) 
    Proff. Valeria Bucchetti e Erik Ciravegna
    Politecnico di Milano
    Laurea in Design della Comunicazione
  • Project's photos, inner photoediting  ©Mila Belloni 2013