Gowug Branding

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  • Gowug is a memorable hug experience that connects open-minded people around the world, inspires them and gives them feelings of surprise, warmth and inner peace.

    Concept: From the Great Wall of China to the Grand Canyon the owner goes to the most outstanding landmarks on the planet to give “free hugs” to complete strangers.

    I wanted the logo to be instantly recognised as a hug and to fill the viewer with the emotions involved with that hug; happiness, comfort, love, passion, safety etc.

    To portray the purpose of the company more I decided an icon that can be changed for different uses would be useful showing the logo next to various landmarks
      from around the world in a simple but effective graphic style. The designs involving the landmarks could quite easily  become poster designs advertising the locations gowug will arrive at next or great icons for different gallery views for pictures on a website.