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  • Das Internet zwischen Politik, Ökonomie & Selbstregulierung
    By analysing and collecting tweets about net politics through the Hashtags #Netzpolitik, #Netzsperren, #Netzneutralität and following organisations like Chaos Computer Club and Digitale Gesellschaft e.V., I created
    a prototype of a monthly edition concerning this crucial topic.

    The Twitter–Kompendium for December 2012 contains almost 600 pages of tweets and articles about international developements in economy and politics regarding the internet. The book contextualises and archives the online material concerning this political and social matter.
    Futhermore I edited and updated the 'Declaration of Internet Freedom" (original by
    and build a concept of a daily news website that filters and ranks tweets about net politics on one platform.
    Final Project for the Master of Arts in Design at Zurich University of Arts
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