Gorse and Gooie & The Cake AnimationProject

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    I set out to create a character aimed at young children. My aim was to create a short animated film accompanied with a promotional graphic poster, this was a achieved by stop frame animation using clay models. I was particularly inspired by 'Purple and Brown' and the simplicity of using simple plasticine shapes. To make it suitable for the target audience ideally it needed to be simple yet effective and i liked the idea of a well matched pair of characters that were quirky and amusing. I was also influenced by '' and her illustrations of 'Monsters' which gave me the idea of comical, colourful aliens. 
    I really enjoyed giving both characters their personalities and characterisations as i was able to be creative and original. The alien language itself mimics baby talk and a sense of 'gobbledygook'.
    This project was something new and one that i thoroughly enjoyed.