Google Think Mobile

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  • Google Think Mobile infographic

    My role: director, art director, designer, animator and compositor
    Sound design: Ben Mauerhoff
    Designer: Terry Liu, Brendan Gerard

    For google think mobile campaign, it explains the potential market on mobile media.
    Without mentioning too much numbers and facts, the script is the condensation of over 70 pages of google market research.
  • Voiceover:
    How much do you know about Chinese mobile media?
    Nowadays, everybody's using a cell phone,
    In the city, it's up to 97% .
    Meanwhile, more and more people have started using smart phones,
    From nation wide to city wide,
    smart phones are shaping the future for users.
    They are exploring the world of mobile media on a bigger screen.
    Everyday, half of the smart phone users are taking care of their lives with apps,
    Searching, browsing, communicating, entertaining….
    Actually, 89% of users now purchase items on mobile media.
    There is no doubt the smart phone is changing our daily lives,
    (34% of users enjoy smart phones while watching TV)
    People are much more willing to give up on TV, magazines, holidays, and even coffee…..
    Therefore, the way we communicate to the world is changing.
    But smart phones can do way much more than this,
    Leading us to infinite opportunities.
    So are you ready to join the mobile media?
    Now's the time.

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