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A personal design for Google Chrome internet browser.
Google Chrome Project

Unfortunately due to the lack of time I wasn't able to prepare more screens and the design no doubt contains many mistakes :).

Windows version.

Still, it was a fun personal project.

Credit where credit is due:
Some icons are from the wonderful Entypo set by Daniel Bruce
The Chrome icon was created by Matt Rossi

Sites used for the "favorites" section: 
Thanks for all the comments and appreciations, but I need to clear something up.
This is not a 100% complete project and I have no real experience in UI design. There are a lot of problems with this design and I don't think it would work very well as a real product. 
I did this "after hours" to unwind after regular work. Please, please don't treat this project too seriously.
Think of it as a direction I would like Chrome to take, not like something with real world application :)
Note 2
Small edit - changing the background and adding back the list of credits that was not displaying for some reason.