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Logo uplift & brand identity for a delicatessen.
At Kite, we were approached to do an identity uplift for a Goodies, a delicatessen that is very selective about the goods it sells. Goodies has been around since 1880, although it has only been known with its current logo and retail outlets for the past 30 years or so. Hence, we decided that the logo uplift should be an evolution that looks like the old logo from far, but is studied much more closely. The tagline is another element that has been around for a while and that is to remain unchanged: "When it's that good, it's Goodies."

Branding agency: Kite Creative
Art direction: Maya Saikali
Design: Nayla Yehia
Logo uplift.
I tackled the uplift by smoothing out the edges of the logo, connected all the letters, chose a different, unique color that tended more towards purple as the existent brown color hinted at chocolate, and I created a system whereby the letters had a uniform thickness at the bottom that contrasted with the thinner stroke at the top.
I followed the characteristics of the Latin logo to design the Arabic logo, without distorting the proportions of Arabic calligraphy.
I set out by creating a logo-tagline line lockup that would serve as the main visual and that would constantly remind the consumer of the quality of the products. From this the brand architecture unfolded into a set of visuals that categorize the goods sold at Goodies. I chose to carve the visuals out of lino blocks to give a natural, organic feel that was present in the original logo and that was lost in the vectorized logo uplift. This retained the jagged edges, although they are more subtle and justified that the edges in the original logo.
Lino blocks.
Lino prints.
The logos after they were cut in lino.
The main visual after it was scanned, cleaned and recolored from the original lino print.
The type composition established in the logo-tagline lockup is combined with illustrations to create a set of visuals for the categories of the brand. I applied a "rough" feel to the visuals to simulate the lino effect.
The logo-tagline lockup visual is applied to generic items such as bags.
Sandwich paper/cellophane wrap.
Although Goodies sells FMCGs and branded products, it also has some exclusively branded products such as bakery items, juices, cooked meals, spices and dairy products. This called for a sub-sub-branding level. I tackled this by creating a system of stickers that are stuck on the front and the back of packages. The front sticker bears the product category visual, while the rear sticker contains the actual product name. In certain cases, such as the pantry food, the containers can be stacked in an appealing way whereby the front sticker shows on certain containers and the rear stick shows on others. As the Arabic logo is secondary in the identity, I placed it on the rear sticker since it functions as a secondary layer of information as well.
Since the front-back sticker systems does not work on the eggs package, I included both layers of information on the front of a sleeve that wraps around the package.