• Good Flea Market!

    It's so much more than a flea market! It's an online platform which enables people to give things they don't need and others to find things they've been searching for. They recycle stuff and good energy. And in the proces they help non-govermental organisations do their important work? 

    How does it work? Visit www.dobribuvljak.com and see for yourself (or check this cool video)!

    Boško the Flea - Good Flea Market mascot
    Donated stuff
    Promo item - Bag full of fleas
    More FB promotional material
    Dobri buvljak + Lush - promotion video and visual
    IdejaX - Croatian national advertising festival - winner - public service category – May 2012
    InspirAkcija competition - winner – May 2012
    “Zaba donacije 2012” - finalist and donation winner
    Cenzura Plus competition (medijski prostor) - winner
    Weekend Media, BalCannes 2012. – top 25 best regional campaigns

    Idea: Vanja Blumenšajn, Boris Miletić, Ivana Boras
    Copy: Vanja Blumenšajn, Boris Miletić, Jurica Ćorluka
    Illustration, design: Ivana Rubelj
    Animation: Sanja Šiljković
    Support: Iva Kaligarić, Maja Dujlović, Vedran Klemens, Saša Perić and many many others
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