Gollum / Precious Screenprint

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  • outputting films
  • mixing up just the right gold 
  • waiting for it to dry
  • next film
  • burning a screen
  • getting the registration right...
  • finished product!
  • I was asked to be in a J.R.R. Tolkien-based art show. I thought doing a play off of the ring and ambigrams would be fun. Then screenprinted them at my shop: Crackhead Press.
    These 18x18 2-color screen prints are now available on Angryblue.bigcartel.com 
    One ring to rule them all. Are you ready to go on an adventure? Just try & not be corrupted by the power.
    This 18x18 screenprint is 2 colors. gold and burnt ash black on a cream paper ...and reads the same upside-down.
    Each piece is printed, hand numbered and signed by me. Limited to a run of 100.