Goji Packaging - YCN

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  • This is my entry for one of the 2013 YCN Competitions.
    The Brief was really open so i chose to create the packaging for Goji's new 2013 summer range
    (Goji is a new company that specialises in gadget accessories etc.)  
    I created the design that is on the box using paints and straws and i think its came out with a cool effect.
    Let me know what you think. :)
  • There is a booklet inside the box that gives you useful tips on how to apply the screen protector and how to use the Squeegee.
  • The tab that helps you pull the case out of the packaging aslo acts as a squeegee. 
    Its designed so that its really easy for you to use with just a little preasure needed to get all the bubbles out.