Going Underground

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  • I have always had the obsession to make this modern architectural masterpiece in 3D,
    HafenCity Universität Subway Station in Hamburg, Germany.
    HafenCity Universität Subway Station by Munich-based firm Raupach Architekten was just re-envisioned and brought to life by Pfarre Lighting Design
    A powerful ambiance is created by hanging metal boxes weighing six tons each and with the exact dimensions of a standard shipping container (6.5m x 2.8m x 2.8m) in repetition over the middle of the platforms. The translucent panels between the sharply defined frames glow from the light of 280 individual RGB LED emitters in each capsule. the colors can be coordinated by different sections in each free-hanging unit or as an entire set and can change to signal the arrival or departure of trains, synchronize with the seasons or simply create an enjoyable environment.
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