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Interactive film, where the user is able to see what "Going Further" means for the body physically for extreme sports.
Going Further
Interactive Film/Video
A joint project with Daria Khloptseva.
The theme was to express the idea of going further withvideo material from Opel Ampera. We used the three extreme sport athletes tocreate an interactive film, where the user is able to see what Going Furthermeans for the body physically. Information about the changes in the body is animatedon either side. On the right the animations show body temperature, oxygenlevels, blood pressure and heart rate. On the left is the physical/physics data,depicting pressure, acceleration, speed etc.

Thetext information is in German.

The basics of it are:

The user views the three different athletes and observersthe changes. The user first views various information about  the physics data they are about to see and then continues to the main part; the video. The user can rollover toget written information about the visuals or click to pause the animations andbackground video to read further.

We both worked with 20 + hours worth of footage to pickand edit the best parts to show each movement direction. (Underwater, Running,Hiking)

Mypart in this specifically was to animate the data with the graphics Daria had created.