• Göteborgstryckeriet
    Website & Art Direction
    Göteborgstryckeriet (henceforth GBGT) is one of Sweden’s leading print houses. They can handle every type of job ranging from the most technically advanced to the most extensive. Founded in 1918, GBGT have since long established themselves as the printer of choice for picky designers.
    After having undergone a recent rebranding, led by Happy F&B, GBGT approached us to rethink and redesign their website. Early on, we identified some key needs and features that we, being buyers of their services ourselves, were missing with this kind of sites. For that reason, we decided to build the site around an inspiration gallery, containing a vast selection of reference projects. By categorizing projects both by type, printing techniques and paper type we allow visitors to sort projects according to interest and the gallery serves as an aid in helping designers making well informed decisions.
    The second part of the project was art directing and photographing all the projects that were to be featured in the gallery. This inspiration gallery was to become the natural focal point of the site and the feature that would attract the most visitors.
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