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  • This project was super-fun. A quick and dirty editorial assignment that we decided to ramp-up a bit and work into a bit of a personal-project and portfolio-image. 
    The client wanted something to convey a care-free happy spring-like environment, using Olympic Women's 1/2Pipe Snowboard medalist: Gretchen Bleiler... in Snowmass (Snowmass Ski Resort), and they needed a cover image and 2 supporting images for a TOC and a lead-in. 
    NO problemmo... 

    Our shooting-day ended up being CLOUDY (of course, the only cloudy day for almost a month around here), but we shot anyway. We scouted the first day, and then shot the second day. 

    The client was stoked on the first day of scouting-shots, and then they didn't quite understand what was going to happen the day of production when we got skunked by the weather. 

    WilzFoto to the rescue... I went back up to grab a separate background from a later-date that we could use instead of the blown-out and super-flat cloudy-one we had to shoot with. 

    Voila..!  The composite went to Mando for retouching, and the client took delivery today of the hi-res that they'd requested. 
    They ended up requesting 3 additional images to further build the feature out with... and it sounds like we're getting another assignment out of the deal as well. 

    Thanks crew! Thanks GoMag!

  • This obviously isn't the cover... this is the portfolio-variation that we came up with, featuring a slightly different treatment to make it more commercial-looking to suit our personal preferences... 
    The cover-select ended up being less mono, and more natural-colours, with a blue sky etc, and a vertical version of this (obviously). 
    This is the composite, with the bkgrnd shot on a sunny day after the original production-date. Exactly the same location, same focal-length, same time of day etc. Matched in the field with the iPad, and then re-assembled in post. 
    We're good like that ;)
  • So, this is the actual cover image. Vertical, more natural-colours... just what they wanted. 
    A bit too dialed-back for us in-house, but the client is more than very pleased, we have repeat business... and they have a great cover for spring!
  • This was one of the testers from scouting the previous day. Not a cloud in sight, of course... 
  • another from the scouting day.  No clouds..