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    Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables for WP
  • Classic and Modern in one? Yes.
    If you like traditional Pricing Tables, but you would like get much more out of it, then this rodded product is a useful tool for you. Beside the usual pricing table style Videos (Youtube, Vimeo, Screenr) and Images are also supported with optional responsivity. It’s very easy and fast to create stunning tables and integrate them into your WordPress site using Admin Panel. You will surely find the one most appropriate for you, which can be customized in a few seconds.

    For what other purposes can I you use this? We have some ideas.
    Beside traditional pricing tables feature the plugin is suitable also for creating team viewer and compare tables. These features can also be found in the package.

    Is the sytem flexible? Yes.
    The responsivity is optional. It can be turned on and off and customizable to adapt to your site or CSS framework (e.g. Bootstrap).
    You can use System or any Google fonts (400+).

    Can I use more than one table on my site? Yes.
    You can use any number of tables on your site or even on one single page using shortcodes.
    GO. Just Create!.

    You can check out those template at the more preview.
    Available for purchase on Codecanyon for just $17!


    - 90+ demo table template are included.
    - Unique CSS class name to prevent class conflicts.
    - Video (Youtube, Vimeo, Srcreenr support) and images support via custom shortcodes.
    - Huge Admin Panel with tons of options.
    - Optional and customizable responsivity(!) to fit to your theme.
    - Any number of columns up to 5.
    - Unlimited number of colum descriptions.
    - Unlimited color combination of columns.
    - Unlimited color of tooltip text and background color.
    - Sortable columns and table descriptions via ‘Drag and Drop’.
    - 5 shadow types.
    - 32 ribbons are included and custom ribbons are supported.
    - 36 custom icons (4 color set) for colum descriptions.
    - 3 size of buttons 3 icons for buttons.
    - System and Google Web Font (400+ fonts) support.
    - Translation ready with .mo .po files.
    - Compatible with the latest WordPress version (currently 3.5).
    - Layered PSDs for ribbons.
    - Only the point.